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WoW Classic launches Latino servers with free migration

Exactly one day after its premiere, WoW Classic replenished the maximum capacity of all the servers that the developer had budgeted based on the expectations for this new game proposal.

As a total success, however, Blizzard Studios refused in the first instance to enable Latin American servers for the game, after Brian Birmingham, chief software engineer and Omar González, senior software engineer, rejected this possibility in an interview.

On the contrary, the international reception of game servers based on version 1.12 of the popular MMORPG of the franchise seems to have changed its minds to its developers, since, through an official statement, the study assured that regional servers already They are enabled.

From this September 20 and until the 30th of this month, all those players who wish to migrate to the new regions available can send their characters at no cost to Loatheb (PvP), the creation of the new kingdom of Latin American Spanish.

After the dates indicated, all characters originally created in other kingdoms must remain on those servers unless each player agrees to pay a real amount of money for this transfer.

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