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WoW Classic is really about unlearning the play style that has been ingrained in you through expansions from the last ten years

WoW Classic really shouldn't exist. There's absolutely no reason why this many fans should want to return to content that is over a decade old, let alone to celebrate its return by completely tanking the game's servers for the first few days as Blizzard scrambled to alleviate login congestion. In an industry that is constantly pushing forward, nostalgia is usually dished out in quick hits - a remaster of a game, sure, even some that take dozens of hours to complete - but there's always a new hook. Appearing on a modern console. Adding some elements that, in retrospect, would've vastly improved a game. Even just fixing some bugs can amount to a new lease on life for some IPs. WoW Classic doesn't do any of that.

Its cultural footprint in the history of gaming is often overlooked, with many happy to scoff, roll their eyes, and laugh at those that occupy the lands of Azeroth. But for many that have roamed the forests of Ashenvale, stormed the depths of Molten Core, and ventured to new lands and continents like Northrend, Draenor, and Pandaria, World of Warcraft or WoW will always hold a special place in their memory.

wow classic

The game is on the same platform it's always been on, with basically all of the same content, presentation, and mechanics intact. Sure, players can make the game look better, and WoW Classic add-ons are certainly lightyears ahead of some of the technology players were working with in 2006. However, at its core, WoW Classic actively removes most of the improvements that Blizzard has made to the game over the years in favor of an approach that amounts to unearthing a time capsule preserving the state of the MMORPG circa 2006.

As for the future of WoW Classic... there have been rumours of future expansions being rolled out in similar fashion, potentially as the next phase for these servers, or as their own standalone realms. Other fans have speculated about Classic serving as an alternative history to the main game, offering Blizzard the chance to rewrite its story, retcon unsucces.

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