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In WoW Classic priests currently have a huge advantage in PvP

In World of Warcraft Classic, there are still a number of bugs. One is so fatal that priests currently have a huge advantage in PvP.

World of Warcraft Classic has been live for a little over 3 weeks and many players are already at level 60. Although there are no PvP rewards yet, especially the PvP servers are full and always invite to skirmishes and battles between the two Fractions. Now, resourceful players have discovered a bug that gives priests an unfair advantage: certain attacks simply do no harm to them.

What is this mistake? The bug apparently deals with the spell Power Word: Shield, which allows Priests to miss a temporary shield that absorbs some damage. However, there is currently a drastic mistake because the shield does not suffer critical melee damage!

This is especially good if a warrior uses recklessness. As a result, almost all attacks by the warrior become critical hits, which makes the problem particularly clear.

By the way, other types of damage are not affected by this. Critical spells or ranged attacks cause the usual damage. Only critical melee attacks lead to an endless "Absorb" that simply can not destroy the priest's shield.

Are priests unstoppable? Of course, priests are now not "invincible" in PvP, but the bug is already serious. Especially rogues and warriors rely heavily on melee critical hits, which makes them extremely disadvantaged when faced with a priest.

What does Blizzard do? There is no statement from Blizzard yet. However, it can be assumed that the developers will place such a serious bug quite high on their priority list and will act against it with corresponding speed.

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